Brief History

Becro is a group of companies specializing in the detailed design, fabrication and erection of structural steelwork for the construction industry; our speciality being the heavy refurbishment projects, and with our workshop located at the junction of the M25 and the M11, we are ideally situated for work in Central London and the Home Counties.

Brooker RoadFrom humble beginnings as a sheet metal and ductwork specialist in the 1970's, Becro began to naturally progress into providing access and support to plant and equipment in the 1990's. The secondary steelwork aspect of work slowly started becoming the staple in the workshop and began mutating into architectural staircases and ballustrade.

With the new millenium came the next major evolution of Becro with regards to the workshop: The first major structural steelwork package was won and since "Project Gensis", Becro has had one eye on the future.

Although the projects have grown in size and complexity from "Project Genesis", our ethos remains the same: We can do that.

Any member, any weight, any size, any location, any time; If you don't think it's possible, we will get it detailed, fabricated and installed, and if we can't, we'll provide you with a solution. Because of this ethos, it is not uncommon to hear "How did you get that in there?!" on a site we are working on.

Our Services

Because of our rich company history, the Becro "Group" can offer a wide array of services for companies looking to construct a steel frame structure. This includes:

Steel Fabrication

  • Primary Structural Steelwork
  • Temporary Steelwork
  • Secondary Steelwork (Gantries, Grillages, Lift Shaft Steel etc.
  • Steel Staircase Carcasses

Design Services

  • Main Frame Design/Detailing
  • Connection Design/Detailing
  • 3D Modelling/Detailing To Produce Fabrication Drawings
  • Design Co-Ordination for Steel Related Works

Installation/Erection Services

  • Steel Frame Erection
  • Temporary Works Installation Including Jacking Operations

The employees of Becro have extensive experience in their respective fields and are able to help with anything relating to the areas above.

Project Difficulty

Project Difficulty

Because of the nature of the projects we take on, we have an in-house ranking system on completed projects with regards to the difficulty of the project. This takes into account:

  1. Information Flow from Design Team to Becro
  2. Logistics
  3. Complexity of Fabrication
  4. Site Conditions

These 4 areas are combined to give an overall "Project Difficulty" rating, like that shown to the right, to help those who were not involved with the construction of the project a quick reference to the challenges faced during construction.

The Future For Becro

With the introduction of this website, we hope to showcase our abilities in the design/detail, fabrication and erection of steelwork and expand our client base of main contractors further.

This may include using the subsidiary companies within Becro as either a package for a single solution for structural steelwork, or split up to provide you with the exact service you need.

Happy Holidays!
24 December 2014

Becro would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We look forward to working with clients old and new in 2015 and the challenges that the new year will…

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