Bechtel Structures

Bechtel Structures is the most recent addition to the Becro group, having been set up to cater for the demand of the project management and design management of the modern construction project.


Outlook Screen 1Communication is a prime ingredient for the success of a project and as such Bechtel Structures places a high emphasis on communication between all parties, whether that is internally between the Becro group, or externally with the client to ensure that they are aware of the exact situation of a project at any point in time.


Programme 1 [1280x 768]Programming is the key to success. By using the latest Asta PowerProject software, Bechtel Structures is able to accurately programme projects and track any and all changes and the effects they have on the project. This allows early warning of possible issues and the ability to effectively and accurately mitigate any problems.


Bechtel Structures does not believe in telling clients what they want to hear, we believe in making sure the client has a clear and concise response to their query no matter if it's good news or bad.